Talent - understanding your needs better than any other provider

In the same way that we invest time and effort in choosing the talent we represent, MA are just as discerning when it comes to the calibre of organisations we work with. Our long-standing experience coupled with the fact that we deal solely with the software development space means we're able to understand your needs and aspirations better than just about any other provider in the market.

Whether it's a contract role, one of our software development teams or a permanent position that you want to find, MA focus on understanding what's important to you from a technical and cultural perspective. We'll brief you fully on the requirements of a role, both technical and non-technical, and aim to give you a genuine insight into what it would be like to work for that organisation.

Given our longstanding experience we are not only able to give you access to the most cutting edge and challenging projects in the industry, we are also well-placed to share sound advice on rates / salaries and career development.

While many of the people within our network are not actively seeking jobs, they still want to be kept informed of relevant opportunities. As a matter of course we maintain absolute discretion and flexibility in our communications with you.

For a full list of our opportunities please access our job section.